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  1. This took some research, which was kind of fun..but first, my own story..
  2. I actually went through the first 19 years of my life being the "only" Jana.
    No other Janas. Just me.
  3. And then, college, and NO WAY..
    BOOM. Another Jana! And she lived across the hall in my dorm and had long blonde hair, like me!
  4. Honestly, I haven't run across too many of us over the years, UNTIL..
  5. I met the manager at my local grocery store (who's also a patient of mine)!
    JANA! She has a ton of tattoos and we look nothing alike.
  6. And, get this, my BF's wine club director's name ?
    JANA! She has long black hair and we also look nothing alike.
  7. AND, apparently some of "us" are FAMOUS!
    I had no idea!
  8. There's Jana Duggar..
    So many Duggars.
  9. And Jana Kramer, an actress from One Tree Hill..
    Who also happens to be a country singer..?! Never heard of her, but she's 🔥
  10. A German professional tennis player, named Jana Kandarr.
  11. An Aussie award-winning television journalist, named Jana Wendt.
  12. There's Jana Pollaske, who is in some German rock band called Spitting Off Tall Buildings.
    Um. Okkkkk..
  13. Jana Brejchova, a Czech film actress.
  14. Jana Bach, one of a couple porn stars..
    This one is sexier.
  15. And this one, Jana Flototto, (obviously) a model.
    I think I'd choose her if I had to switch👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  16. So, I guess I'm not alone!
    Maybe there's one or two here on I've yet to find..
  17. But shout out to @jannychan, my li.sting pal..
    She has an extra~~N~~close enough💗
  18. P.S. @TT, they NEVER get my name right at Starbucks either😖