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  1. Let's start here.
    But that is fairly vague..
  2. So how about this..
    That's better. Certainly more accurate and easy to understand.
  3. Are you getting the picture?
    Know anyone who fits this description? I'm certain you do and I hope you're not married to him/her.
  4. Here's a visual for you.
  5. And a checklist...
  6. So, we've got that down, right?
    Let's get to the rest of it.
  7. The statistics, in regard to job-related stress for law enforcement, show that they are more prone to depression and suicide. And the divorce rate is a whopping 75 percent! Also, clinically treated alcohol addiction rates are twice as high as the general population.
    You can read studies that vary on numbers, but these are, sadly, a reality.
  8. can see why the combo may be DISASTROUS!
    I lived it on and off for seven years.
  9. Guilty. Self-inflicted recklessness.
    I thought I could "fix" it. That is another for another day.
  10. It left some scars.
    But we are all responsible for our own choices, so I blame only myself.
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  12. I left several times, but was sure he would change for ME.
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  14. But with some therapy and addressing my codependent issues, I was finally able to say..
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  17. Lesson learned.
    The hard way. Apparently, the only way I learn anything.