Thanks for the LR @nikkilounoel💜(ranking is hard bc I love them all so much and we eat them as soon as they're ready, but we also share!)
  1. I planted 14 🍅
    More than half are heirlooms. This is an interesting article about what that actually means..
  2. My San Marzano is nearly ready to ripen!
  3. 😋😋😋
  4. This is my Gold Rush squash, which is a fancy way to say yellow zucchini!
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  7. We will be eating these later this week👌🏻
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  9. Static
    A mystery pepper! Maybe habanero..?
  10. I have several more peppers and some eggplant, but it's been quite hot and I'm not certain they'll survive🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
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  12. I also grow lots of herbs!!
    My thyme..
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    A different kind of mint and some basil (pay no attention to that beer can attached to my wind chime)😬
  15. Static
    Thai basil
  16. There is tarragon, rosemary, bay leaves (it's a tree!) chives, oregano, savory and sage too!!
  17. Every year is different. Sometimes I plant onions and garlic, sometimes green beans or snap peas. I've planted cucumbers and beets..
    I am, admittedly, a little lazy this year🙃
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