Nah, I never feel the need to explain myself, unless I want to♥️Inspired by @colls39 @ashleyanwiler
  1. Why I don't love Pinot Noir.
    Stooooopppp berating me!!! It is tastes like dirty socks.
  2. Why I'm always making tacos.
    Like really, EVERY KIND OF TACO @Gola
  3. Why I'm not a dog lover.
    I'm sorry, I'm sure yours is an exception, but if they bark incessantly, jump on me, slobber and are needy, imma pass. It's not personal.
  4. Why I like Justin Bieber's music.
    Leave me be.
  5. Why I haven't gone to yoga class yet.
    I will. Don't rush me.
  6. Why I'm obsessed with throw pillows and candles.
    Mind your own business😉
  7. Why I only read non-fiction.
    The long answer is bc I went to private, denominational schools and we weren't ALLOWED to read novels so now, the short answer is, I prefer it.
  8. Why I've never watched ________movie?!? <GASP> (I make exceptions, and sometimes leave the room/cover my eyes..)
    Because, graphic violence makes my tummy hurt and I don't much care for fantasy. See above.
  9. Why you need to floss your teeth.
    All day🙄It's self-explanatory people!!
  10. The age difference between me and my guy.
    If we're not close and you ask me about this, you're a jackass.
  11. Why I'm no longer religious.
    I don't feel like explaining..
  12. Why I'm still angry.
    When you are in my shoes, and I hope you never are, we can talk about this. In the meantime, please fuck off.
  13. Ok, I wanted to explain that one.