Inspired by @megbarrett @BWN_7 @dreadpiratemama @sarahmccoy and a few more of you!
  1. California
    I've lived here most of my life, but I've been in Northern California for the last 30+ WHY I LIVE IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
  2. Psycho-babble|Self Help
    Self awareness, mindfulness, conscious living, you name it, I've likely read a book (or three) on it🙃
  3. Music
    I grew up with my grandparent's music, my mother's music and raised my kids to love it as well~it is as important to me as air.
  4. How to find the hottest bar|restaurant in any city
    For real. I should be getting paid.
  5. The Food Network
    I've been watching since it's inception and while you are all 👀GoT and the like, the Barefoot Contessa and I are making up a batch of something delish in the kitchen😋(I can also tell you who's on TV w|o even looking)
  6. Cooking
    It's a stress relief for me and I'm fairly good at it, which is why I'm not thin anymore🙃
  7. Food Blogs
    I know all the best ones!!
  8. Wine
    I'm not a connoisseur, but I've got some knowledge.
  9. Modern Family
    It's kinda pathetic😆
  10. All things involving grammar, punctuation and spelling
    It's really more a curse🙄
  11. Gardening~flowers and veggies
    Love me some dirt to dig in!
  12. Getting stains out of just about anything
    Bring it.
  13. Sports
    I'm not as obsessed like I once was, but I know a thing or two about the subject🎾🏈🏀⚽️🏒⚾️
  14. The oral cavity and all things related
    Still angry there's no tooth emoji😬