Inspired by @justjills
  1. I would pay for my son's tuition so he didn't need a loan for school!
    This is the very first thing I would do, then I'd pay off the rest of my daughters' school debt.
  2. I would buy plane tickets to New York, Houston, and Spain, to start.
    My son just moved to Houston, my daughter to New York and our next European adventure will be Spain (and possibly Portugal), but money is tight so Europe will likely have to wait.
  3. Yes, Jill, me too!
  4. I'd buy a new car!
    My CR-V is a 2006, but bc I'm so close to work, it only has 90K on it, so I don't really NEED one.
  5. I would remodel our kitchen!
    We need new counter tops, some new appliances and the cabinets need a facelift😐
  6. I'd get some new summer dresses!
  7. I would buy us dinner at the French Laundry!
    It's not far from where we live but it's not in our budget rn🙄bucket list..
  8. I'd spend a day at the spa, to include massage, facial, pedicure and whatever else they wanna do to me!
    And, take a few girlfriends too!!
  9. I would take my kids somewhere for an amazing weekend, just the three of us!
    Maybe meet in Chicago or New Orleans..I want to make this happen.
  10. I'd buy my sister a Louis Vuitton purse.
    She is the best sister♥️
  11. I would take my man on an all-expense paid trip to the Kentucky Derby next year!
    I'd buy our tickets, pay for our flights, reserve a room and not tell him until it was time to go! This would be for HIM, but I'm sure it would be fun!
  12. I'm sure this will need to be updated as I remember all the things I'm so deprived of😂😂😂
  13. Splurge on a yoga retreat!!
    A friend asked me to join her next month in Santa Cruz, but it's $800 for the weekend😩😳😱
  14. Go to counseling like three times a week😑