In the last few days/weeks, anyway.
  1. Huang's World on Viceland, (which I think is my new fave station!)
    Eddie Huang is a younger, Asian, hip version of Anthony Bourdain..? #eddiehuang
  2. Ok, so Viceland.
    Pretty gritty stuff. Im anxious to also check out Noisey, which follows artists/cultures to various music venues.
  3. That in a pinch, flaming hot Cheetos will suffice. I actually prefer the original, crunchy version, on the rare occasion I decide to forgo all common sense and eat orange dusted styrofoam, but someone ate them all and handed me the FHC's and well, because Cheetos.
  5. That the Bark Arrest we bought on Amazon, only keeps the neighbors' dogs from barking incessantly all day and night when it's actually plugged in.
    Dear houseguests, I don't mind that you needed to close the window, but please leave things the way you found them because I actually like to sleep.
  6. That it's cheaper to fly to Portland one way on Southwest and the other on Alaskan Airlines, as opposed to round trip on either.
    Who knew?
  7. That my zucchini plant is secretly on steroids and it's only July 5th and I'm already bored/over it.
  8. That my daughter can send me a video of herself having a great time and all I see is that she looks exactly like her sister and it makes me incredibly happy and heart broken at the same time.
  9. That my boyfriend and I have gotten really good at knowing when to just stay in bed most of the day and recuperate without feeling guilty.
    This happened yesterday for a variety of reasons and it was exactly what we needed.