Second edition.
  1. That squirrels are little assholes.
    Hey, give it a rest! We about out of pine cones yet?! I haven't actually SEEN you wrecking havoc in the front yard, but the mess you're making is pure nonsense.
  2. That I am a good ten years past being able to lift a 50 pound Dogwood tree so I can transplant it all by myself.
  3. That expired muscle relaxers still work just fine.
    See above.
  4. That baby showers are more fun when they involve champagne and not stupid games that involve eating baby food.
  5. That given a whole day to waste, I can do it handily. And without guilt.
    Which hasn't always been the case.
  6. That pizza for breakfast is pretty great.
    But not WITH your coffee. That's just gross.
  7. That I'm probably never going to watch all those "What Would You Do" episodes I have recorded.
    It sounded good at the time.
  8. That biting my fingernails is a disgusting habit.
    One I only do when I'm anxious but still, ICK.
  9. That when I'm feeling meh, listening to James Morrison makes me feel better.
    James not Jim. Jim Morrison should have, like Bob Dylan, stuck to lyricism. IMO.
  10. That my white, Pottery Barn loaner couch (long story) is a magnet for a ridiculous amount of cat fur.
    Like SO.MUCH.FUR. And why on earth would you use white as a loaner couch?! They clearly didn't ask if we had a cat, drank red wine and ate dark chocolate when they made THAT decision. Oops.
  11. That I can never have too many candles.
    Or books. But I definitely have too many magazines. It's outta control.
  12. That I tried to end this list but there were only eleven "things" and I hate odd numbers.
    This is a weird trait. I know.