Requested by Julia Smillie


The items on my nightstand are a constant, and I know you said 10, but this small space holds things I value dearly, (and some I need to survive!) so I ignored your suggestion and made sure nothing felt left out😉😬❤️
  1. This is truly what it looks like.
    Everyday, with little to no variation.
  2. My journal.
    My communication with my daughter.
  3. Books.
    Lots and lots of books. I read one, I buy three.
  4. Reading glasses.
    Because, over 50.
  5. My phone.
    It's what I do before bed (thanks, Amazon, EBay..) but it's also my alarm. (No pic, as it is also my camera!)
  6. Burts Bees lip balm.
    I have several tubes of different balm in the drawer, but I usually resort to the old standby.
  7. A candle and matches.
    This one was made by a friend and it was the champagne we drank on Courtnie's birthday.
  8. Hand lotion.
    Almost always, this one.
  9. Ambien.
    Now a necessity. I'm fine with it.
  10. This doll.
    A gift given to me long ago from an old/former friend, who went off the deep end a while back. It reminds me of better times.
  11. This statue.
    A gift from last year. I hid it for the first six months, but I pulled it from the box and there it sits.
  12. My Hydro Flask.
    I spill it a good deal of the time, but there it stays.
  13. This..
    It's been here as long as I can remember. (It's also why I spill..but now I've given up even trying to get the flask on it) ( ◠‿◠ )
  14. Ear plugs.
    The last three words of what she said. 10 THINGS I KEEP AT MY BEDSIDE AT ALL TIMES But, I love you anyway, baby.