Don't be jealous.
  1. Getting stains out.
    Wine, yep. Chocolate, phffff. Blood, you betcha. I raised a teenage son whose knees/elbows bled nearly every day, so don't even…
  2. Making tacos.
    Like every kind of taco. I grew up near the border so I have mad taco skills.
  3. Arguing.
    Not proud of this, but yeah, I'm good.
  4. Eating cheese.
    Don't challenge me.
  5. Journaling.
    It's a life saver/mental health necessity.
  6. Making popcorn.
    Hot air popper✔️Local dairy butter✔️Truffle salt✔️
  7. Last minute Girls' Nights.
    I can shoot a spontaneous text and open wine bottles like you can't believe. And there will be cheese.
  8. Snuggling my cat.
    Well, I'M good at it. She hates it😐