Things I've done for you

I'm talking to you, @listers!
  1. Opened my heart..
    And watched you open yours❤️
  2. Laughed..
    There is some talent up in here.
  3. Cried..
    Reading AND writing.
  4. Procrastinated..
    Housework, reading, exercise..
  5. Read books..
    Love some I've read from your recommendations!
  6. Watched things..
    Series, movies, comedy specials..
  7. Bought things..
    Books, hair products, skincare..
  8. Sent (and received) gifts..
  9. Completed list requests..
    Ha! Not really, I love them!
  10. Questioned social media and it's power..
    I thought of leaving a couple of times..
  11. Connected..
    The good FAR outweighs the negative!
  12. So, to all who have contributed, I thank you🙏🏻Love ya!