Ok, one is on my deck..what are yours?
  1. The collage on my fridge.
    Pics of my kids, magnets and such..
  2. Vintage tea cups and saucers.
    I actually use these and I have a small collection. Most came from my ex-mother-in-law but my daughter loved them, so I use them..
  3. Vintage linen dishtowels.
    From Etsy. I bought them to use as napkins (trendy!) but they're really pretty so I never use them!
  4. My friends' handmade candles.
    Out of bottles that we actually drink/love!
  5. The bookshelf I had custom made for me (thanks, Pinterest!)
    These are just some of my cookbooks😳
  6. My books❤️
  7. More books..
  8. My Meyer lemon and kumquat trees!
    The lemon was the size of the small one when I bought it..
  9. Our cat!
    Look how cute she is!! But she's a brat😽