Inspired by @summeranne
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    When we're young we have school and then maybe we have babies..the older I get the more I want to see!
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    Organic meat and veggies.
    It's certainly more expensive, but I try to do this as much as I can. I like the idea of eating foods free of pesticides and hormones. Plus, they almost always taste better!
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    A good bottle of wine/champagne!
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    Comfy shoes.
    I never used to care about this, they just had to be CUTE! Now, I just want my feet to be happy👣
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    A special, unique gift for someone you love.
    Figure out what you can reasonably afford, then don't be predictable and buy that vanilla-scented candle or a Target gift card, buy them a ticket to a concert/game, or those Italian leather gloves you know they would never buy for themselves! (My sis is going to love them!)
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    Anything that brings you peace and feeds into your mental health.
    Hobbies, quality time, therapy..worth every penny in the big picture.
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    Long lasting scented candles that calm you and make you relax.
    Buy that expensive, 50-hour, AMAZING smelling candle you've denied yourself and bask in it's loveliness!
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    A really good mattress and high thread -count sheets.
    We spend a great deal of time in our beds, so why not make it awesome!
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    A good vacuum cleaner!
    My Shark was only a couple hundred bucks, and when I see all the cat fur this mother gets out of my carpet, it's like 🌟🌟🌟(change the filters!)
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    The best-you-can-afford staples for your kitchen! (I'm crafting a on how to be a better cook!)
    Olive oil, a couple of nice vinegars (balsamic, champagne), some good sea salt and def grind your own pepper!!
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    Helping someone who could use a hand.
    Take them some food, maybe out to dinner, offer them a place to stay for a few days, pay their electric bill..I believe this always comes back to you❤️