Life can be hard. We all must find things to make it brighter and these are mine.
  1. My children. The two I have and the one I lost. Nothing has ever made me happier than being a mom. As hard as It can be/has been at times, I wouldn't trade it for the world.
  2. The man I love.
    For over a decade. We never should have worked, but we do. I stopped questioning it a long time ago and just choose to be grateful.
  3. My sister.
    Also HER children. I adore them.
  4. Modern Family reruns and Carpool Karaoke videos on YouTube.
  5. Laughter.
    As much as I can get. If you can make me laugh, we can be friends. Bonus points if you're sarcastic and witty. But not mean.
  6. Music.
    All genres. Well, maybe not ALL, but I will take music over television any day, and rarely a day goes by it's not blaring out of my speakers.
  7. Cheese.
    I want to eat ALL OF THE CHEESE!
  8. Bubbles
    The kind that fit into a tall skinny glass. They can be from Italy or France, California or Spain..I prefer them pink and dry but I can settle if I need to.
  9. Sleep.
    I need eight. I don't sleep well but I try. And I'm nicer if I do.
  10. Sunshine.
    I'm certain I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Self diagnosed. It's why I don't live in Portland.
  11. Kittys.
    I like my own cat, but I'm really a sucker for all things feline.
  12. Girlfriends.
    I am fortunate to have really good ones. I suppose this could be broadened to include males, as I do have a few special men I like quite a bit, but my girl power is strong.
  13. Tacos.
    Again, I could expand this to include all Mexican food, but I really do eat an inordinate amount of tacos. Short of tongue and weird shit like that, any kind will do.
  14. Also, sushi.
    This, I am very picky about.
  15. Gardening.
    Therapy. Only cheaper.
  16. Reading.
    I wrote books then changed it because I love a good magazine and I can surf the net like there's no tomorrow to find things to read. This is why I don't understand boredom.
  17. Travel.
    As much as I can. I will never complete my bucket list.
  18. Cooking.
    I love to be in the kitchen, and I love to eat and if I feed you, I probably love you.
  19. Pinterest.
    Don't even get me started.