Raised (and adopted) by grandparents, one contributed to my love of food, the other, at least, never let me go hungry. An old list re-inspired (and newly titled!) by @kate81
  1. Pringles.
    There was a never ending supply. Only the original flavor existed back then , I think. Loved them then, haven't touched them in YEARS.
  2. Vienna sausages.
    The thought of these makes me dry heave. Meat in a can, bad enough, but godonlyknows what's in that mini meat stick. But I ate them as a kid and I probably liked them.
  3. Grilled T-bones with a wad of butter.
    My grandpa grilled them to perfection then the butter went on as it was about to hit the plate. Salt and butter and bloody red meat, yes please.
  4. Popeye's fried chicken livers.
    My grandma LOVED these baskets of livers, gizzards and hearts. I was traumatized and I ate only the fries. Is this still a thing?!
  5. Homemade chili.
    I still make grandpa's chili to this day and so do my kids. His secret ingredient was Campbell's tomato soup instead of tomato sauce and it was always in a cast iron skillet. There's no specific recipe and it never tastes exactly the same but it always reminds me of being a kid.
  6. Frozen Sara Lee cheesecake.
    I don't ever remember a time growing up, when this wasn't in the freezer. I haven't eaten one in over three decades, but I can still taste it.
  7. Frozen German chocolate cake.
    It came in a hard plastic container and it was the only other cake we ever had in the house. I'm pretty sure even for birthdays, but it was delicious!
  8. Butter beans smooshed on toast.
    Grandma made a big pot of butter beans and cooked them until they were mushy, then added salt and butter and smooshed them on toast. I'd have to be really hungry to eat that now, but it's a good memory. (We didn't have the fancy toppings, but this was the closest pic I could find!)
  9. Fried potato sandwiches.
    My grandma would thinly slice potatoes and fry them until they were crispy and make sandwiches out of them. I don't know anyone else who ate these as a kid, but it was one of my favorites.
  10. Salt pork on white bread.
    Grandpa used to take a hunk of salt pork and stick it on the end of a mesquite branch, then sear it over a high flame until it was drippy and crispy, then set it on a soft slice of white bread to soak up all the grease. Then he'd slice some off the edges and we'd fold over the bread and feast while he put it back in the fire to crisp it up for the next round. My introduction to pork belly.
  11. Kentucky fried chicken.
    This was a weekly occurrence, the bucket of chicken. I actually preferred the mashed potatoes and gravy.
  12. Cabbage rolls.
    Grandpa was Hungarian and to this day, I cannot make these taste like they did back then. I think I try too hard. His were very simple but so, so comforting.
  13. Necco wafers.
    And lemon heads, and jolly ranchers..
  14. Oversized dill pickles in a HUGE glass jar.
    They had these in our little general store and they would last half a day!
  15. Push up pops.
    I liked the orange sherbet swirled with vanilla ice cream. Kids haven't lived until they've chased an ice cream truck.
  16. Cinnamon sugared toast!
    This memory came back vividly today, while making French toast. It was comfort food at its best, as was this mornings' breakfast😋