Have the week off, and it couldn't have come at a better time😳an ongoing
  1. Started the week off by FaceTiming with Britt for an hour and a half yesterday♥️(and had a two hour phone conversation the week before!) This is a big deal, because losing her sister had put a lot of strain on our relationship with both of us trying to cope in our own ways, so to be back on track is 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻priceless.
    (I'm assuming this is one of your favorites, @BWN_7)
  2. Had a flare up of acute bursitis in my shoulder. Have been to the chiropractor 3 times, with another scheduled for tomorrow! It's actually about 80% better! But, now all I really want to do is scrub my shower and vacuum my house, which would be ridiculous. I might do it anyway, because, TYPE A!!@amieshmamie😉
    I felt this way for the better part of three days.
  3. Ran across this today..
    I'm not even a dog person, and this makes me so happy💗
  4. Friend drama😐my friend's husband created some drama, for no apparent reason, and we were all trying to figure out why, including his wife..(she and I are fine!)
    He did call today to apologize, and said he made some unfounded assumptions and shot his mouth off without thinking. Forgiveness granted. (I only hold grudges when there is no resolution)👍🏻
  5. I have my fourth counseling session tomorrow😶
    She's a good fit for me, because we just TALK. She's not trying to fix anything that is clearly unable to be fixed. But she's helping me to "manage" and "cope"👍🏻
  6. Making dinner for the bestie and hubs tonight..lamb skewers with homemade naan and yogurt sauce (not tatziki, cuz I forgot to buy a 🥒!)
    If you've never made your own naan bread, don't be intimidated, it's really easy! And 😋
  7. Going away for four days, for a belated anniversary/Valentine's Day gift to ourselves, at two of our favorite places~Tomales Bay and Napa Valley💗
    We leave Wednesday! If you've never stayed at Nick's Cove, I urge you to do so…
  8. Can't thank @marginally_amazing enough for this little app that amuses me far too easily.
  9. Do not chastise me for being so late to this party, but I just started listening to the Hamilton mixtape today, and it's exceeded my expectations already😍it's been on all afternoon!!
    @angela3950's favorite♥️
  10. This was me earlier, trying to fold a fitted sheet~patience evaded me.
  11. The lamb that went with the naan..
  12. We sat in the dark, when our dinner guests left, and watched Prince perform at halftime during the 2007 Super Bowl ♥️
    No words @veshecco
  13. My daughter entertaining herself on Tinder😳😂
  14. Wtf?
  15. Drew's Valentine's Day card..
    Found it at a thrift shop when I was in Portland, it's perfect!
  16. Made our way to my happy place yesterday~Nick's Cove in Tomales Bay♥️
    Two nights here in a little cottage, with not much to do. Perfection. (The previous boathouse pic was from the web, this is mine!)
  17. Woke up to this..
  18. and some crab benedict..
    Ahhh, room service🙌🏻