Inspired by @jessicaz this week..but also a previous The FMLs I've had to deal with today😫(and their resolutions..) I've opted for #'s instead of resolution, however💩
  1. Two weeks ago, my coworker and I asked our boss for information regarding our pay/benefits, and a sit down to discuss some things. He said he'd get it put together. She reminded him Tuesday and he said he was "working on it" but had a lot to do, pointing to the mess on his desk. He spent the rest of the week scrolling through FB in his free time.
  2. The cortisone has worn off and the tendonitis in my elbow is in full swing. The pain is about an 8 and it will be another week before I can get in to my orthopedic doc. But, at least my WORK week is over.
  3. I have had a chiropractic, a counseling, and a massage appointment scheduled three of the last four days, because life.
  4. Our assistant (at work) is incapable of stating her thoughts in less than 10 extra sentences beyond what is necessary to make your point.
    Or, #STFU
  5. Justified is over, and though @readjulia, and AAT, for short, gave me some fabulous recs, I wasn't ready for it to end!!!!!
  6. This happened today.
  7. This beautiful feline belongs to my asshole neighbor (TWO previous li.sts) and he's so starved for attention that after I loved on him for a few minutes, I had to hold him while I closed the garage and put him out at the last second. I think evil thoughts about my neighbor.
  8. My BF's narcissistic dad is bored, therefore stirs up issues to have something to do. I am not unfamiliar with BPD, however, while I have walked away, it's harder to do when they are related to you and you own a business together. I am over him.
    #NotTodaySatan #StayInYourLane #GTFO
  9. This in no way corresponds to my, I just wanted to use it.