I've had some emotional setbacks the last couple weeks, so I'm taking all the highs I can get😉
  1. Vacation..
    I've been off all week and it's 👌🏻
  2. Pairing Chicago dogs (❤️)..
    Even though the Cubs lost game 1 😕
  3. With this.
    Probably not a recommended pairing, but it's hot dogs and champagne, so..
  4. A win in Cleveland last night🐻
  5. Homemade chocolate chip banana bread.
    Two double batches and some happy recipients!
  6. My laugh for the day..
  7. I was trying to be cute and say bb~my iPhone wasn't having it.
  8. This lovely creature.
    She's been extra cuddly for some reason😻
  9. ESPN's "The Brothers Bennett", one of the best E:60 profiles yet. If you despise Roger Goodell/Cowboys as much as I do, that's only a snippet of why you should watch! "Unrelentless authenticity", my new favorite aspiration❤️(all my fellow sports fans out there @aus10 @PeteOnEarth @andersun @gd3 , WATCH THIS! And that one ⬇️)
  10. This bundle of cuteness and his family. Watching the Cubs in the World Series makes it even better, and try not to cry, I dare you.
  11. My sis is coming this weekend!!
    This is us many moons ago..
  12. And now..
  13. One of my fave IG's I follow..
    I'm literally astounded by these posts.
  14. This..
  15. And this❤️
  16. It's only Thursday, so things are looking up💗💗💗