TODAY WAS A SHIT SHOW, so this is how we roll.

It was a music, wine and popcorn for dinner kinda night❤️
  1. We couldn't agree on a red, so we each got our own. Samsies on the chocolate.
  2. Started out mellow..
  3. This song is ❤️
  4. Love her voice!
  5. Ok, we're good..
  6. Katy's welcome to this party..
  7. ❤️❤️❤️
  8. This one's fun.
  9. Sorry, @marymurphy.. I love her.
  10. Ok, man took a detour! It's all good!
  11. ❤️
  12. Lead singer of Stained💗💗💗
  13. Another twist..
  14. Nope, lets change it up one more time..
  15. Whoa, back to reggae!
  16. Some of my faves!
  17. Saw him, loved it❤
  18. Saw him too❤