I'm probably misusing the clown emoji, but in this case 🤡=STUPID
  1. One of these days I am going to actually go through my drafts and finish my li.st about "what your dental hygienist actually does"!
    I don't think that's the exact title, but you get the idea..
  2. There are certain days, I really wonder if some people think my boss (THE DENTIST) actually just pulled me off the street, and said "hey, do you want to use razor sharp instruments in people's mouths, here let me show you how!"
    Seriously, stop.
  3. The first offender is an older man I've worked on only once before. He requires premedication for his cleanings. I ask if he's taken his antibiotic, and he replies, "no, I completely forgot". That's fine I say, and I explain that by law it is a liability issue and that I can give him some that we keep on hand, and is he allergic to penicillin…
    He says, "oh..uh, I did take it"😳
  4. So, I have my boss come in, they chat for a few minutes, and we end up giving him the required medication.
    The remainder of his appointment was awkward, to say the least. First and foremost, it's stupid to risk your health, and secondly, dude, I'm not an idiot.
  5. Next up, a new patient who's nice enough, but as I'm getting started, points to his upper left molar and says, "this one's a crown"😳
    My 💭 that I'm thankful no one can read, says, NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!!! But, instead, I say, "well, if I don't know that by now, you should run" and laugh. Duuuuuuude, It's not funny.
  6. Telling your dental hygienist that she may not know the difference between your actual tooth and a crown, would be like pointing out to your doctor, as he's about to do a vasectomy, where your testicles are.
    I've never used testicles in a li.st before. It's so freeing😂
  7. While I'm ranting, I want to tell you that I have someone in our office who could be friends with the guy who @Boogie li.sts about😫stfu, pleaseeeeeeeeee.
  9. Oh, and my cat puked on the carpet again.
  10. I poured myself a beer.
    I don't really know why..I hardly ever drink beer, but it's 👌🏻 rn!
  11. Thanks for listening! 😘