@Diplomatic_diva, you inspired this Ii.st a while back..MY TOP TEN BACON-Y THINGS TO EAT [RANKED]
  1. And now I have to cut it in half!?
    But it's BACON!! Even 10 was pushing it😋Fiiiiiine.
  2. We just stuffed our downstairs freezer with a whole piggy our friends raised for us, so we have some pretty tasty bacon at our fingertips. So..
  3. My first and foremost preference still has to be the bucatini carbonara.
    It's just so creamy and salty and amazing, yet easy to whip up because I always have those ingredients on hand.
  4. Next, probably a runny egg breakfast sandwich!
    No matter the time of day!
  5. Then I'm gonna have to go with a really great B.L.A.T.
    Avocado is a must.
  6. These last two cannot be ranked because it's a dead heat.
    Bacon-wrapped figs, stuffed with blue cheese, then grilled and drizzled with balsamic vinegar!
  7. And these ridiculously delicious stuffed jalapeños, wrapped in bacon then grilled!
    You have to wrap them just right so the bacon crisps up!
  8. How 'bout I throw in a bonus and tell you my LEAST favorite way I'd ever like to have bacon😳
    That's a hard pass.