Inspired by @justjills
  1. From drowning, bc l fell off my paddle board and smacked my head while attempting yoga, which I only do when I'm intoxicated🤸🏼‍♂️
    I am capable of boarding, and some yoga moves, but I am incapable of doing them simultaneously. Perhaps I try sober🤔
  2. Murdered in my sleep, by my neighbor, bc I constantly yell at his dog (who barks incessantly) to STFU😫
  3. Being eaten by a bear or a mountain lion while hiking🐻
    We have those here in my neck of the woods!
  4. Of a heart attack, bc I encountered a Great White, while scuba diving🦈
    I would die before he munched on me.
  5. From heat stroke, bc I passed out after a poisonous spider bit me, while I was gardening🕷☀️
    It's 100° here in the summer!
  6. From choking on a chicken bone that I accidentally left in when I was making tacos😵
    Hasn't happened yet @Gola
  7. Of some deadly disease, that's passed from one of my patient's dirty mouths into my bloodstream😱
  8. From snowshoeing off a cliff😑
    I live near Tahoe.
  9. Slipping on the soap in my shower and breaking my neck, bc I take a lot of hot showers and I like fancy soap💜
  10. Of an overdose, bc I mixed allergy meds, NyQuil, ambien and saké shooters.
    I may have actually done this last night😳
  11. Dehydration, bc I li.sted too long 🙄