I wanted lobster for Christmas Eve. I'm a murderer.
  1. The idea of them crawling around in the sink is kinda ewwww.
  2. GET OUT OF THE GD, you're gross!!
  3. I made him touch them. I couldn't do it.
    Even though it was my idea.
  4. They don't scream, btw.
  5. Ugh. It's an ugly process.
  6. From boiling water to an ice-bath to halt the cooking process.
    I used tongs to do this. I still couldn't touch them.
  7. Britt HATES, as in will.not.touch, seafood of any kind. So, as any good mom would do, I sent pics, from start to finish.
  8. I will keep you posted, at your own discretion..
  9. This is also happening..
    Fresh oysters (not otters, thanks auto-correct)😱
  10. And shrimp cocktail..
  11. I'm making him watch Love Actually..
    He's never seen it.
  12. But I'm drunk. And this li.st has taken a turn ..
  13. Did you know this was a thing?!
    You can change the fire with just a click of the remote..
  14. The lobster tasted metallic.
    And I cried. Like A LOT.
  15. And I missed my kids, and I'm really sad and I hate being without Courtnie. This year was harder than last year. I was still numb. Now I just feel EVERY FUCKING THING.
  16. Here's to you Courtnie.
    You are missed beyond words.
  17. Good night.
    I love all of you li.sters who have been part of my 2016, which has been shit for a lot of you!
  18. This li.st had such good intentions but now I just wanna say, g'bye 2016.
  19. Tomorrow's gonna hurt.