1. Compassion is a necessary component to a successful life.
  2. There are few things better than a hot shower after a long day.
  3. That my cat lying next to me while she purrs, can ease my anxiety.
  4. That people who don't take care of their animals, probably don't take much better care of anything, including their children.
    I have yet to see an exception to this.
  5. Static
  6. When I work out/take a long walk, it's as good for my mind and soul as it is for my body.
  7. Traveling will enhance your life.
  8. If we let other people make decisions FOR US, that affect our lives, we can blame only ourselves.
  9. Give me a glass of champagne with some fresh oysters or a wedge of delicious cheese, and my mood will be transformed.
  10. Taking care of your teeth benefits you in ways you may not even realize. A pretty smile can boost your confidence, which in turn can secure a job opportunity or perhaps help in the relationship department. Healthy teeth can ensure better nutrition. (We need them to chew, right?!)
    And, diseased gums harbor bacteria that flows through our bloodstream and is related to heart disease.
  11. That I will never finish all the books I want to read.
  12. If you buy a carton of orange juice and add a carton of water, you have twice as much at half the calories and half the price.
    Stop this nonsense, Jane.
  13. That you will know I've given up when I am unable to find something that makes me laugh.
    Or lose the ability to make someone else laugh.
  14. That time doesn't heal ALL wounds.
  15. That no matter how old your children are, their accomplishments make you proud.
    Whether it's learning to ride a bike, conquering their fears, or accomplishing their goals, it makes me so happy.
  16. Making your circle smaller is a good thing. I have gotten rid of toxic relationships~people who don't bring something to the table, and I'm much happier. If it's not mutually beneficial, it's time to move on.
    My situation propelled me into this, out of necessity, but I suggest you ask yourself if it's worth the energy required to maintain, if not, find a way to let go.