Inspired by one of my patients who shared a little nugget of solid gold⬇️
  1. 'You only need to share about ten percent of what you're thinking, with your partner'
    Said a woman who was renewing her vows at her 50 year wedding anniversary! (I've been doing it all wrong🙄😬)
  2. 'Sex is only ten percent of a relationship, unless you're not having it, then it's ninety'
    I read this a long, long time ago and have always remembered it. It makes sense to me from an intimacy standpoint, and I can tell you a lot of people I know who have intimacy|communication issues are not having sex.
  3. When you're having an argument or when you're mad, stop the conversation, take some time alone, and see how you feel the next day for example. Never have meaningful conversation when upset. Always wait for both of you to be calm and open. You really NEVER need to have a conversation when upset and mad.
    Suggested by @solena
  4. The next time you get made at your partner, take off all your clothes and see what happens...
    Likely, your anger will subside in lieu of other feelings.
    Suggested by @jccallist
  5. "just talk to each other."
    Don't make it complicated. Don't let it fester. Talk.
    Suggested by @andersun
  6. Open communication, no lies.
    I would rather hear your worst truth than ANY lie.
    Suggested by @MMeanswell
  7. You can't expect someone to value you when you don't value yourself.
    Suggested by @readjulia
  8. Don't make someone a priority when they only see you as an "option."
    Suggested by @ilovelucy