1. I've never actually done any online dating, but my friends who do, tell me all their "stories"!
  2. And I've been known to play matchmaker, but I'm 0 for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I'm gonna nail it one of these days!
  3. So, all you single peeps, LISTEN UP!
    Not yelling, just got excited.
  4. You can get to know someone by reading their li.sts instead of a "profile".
    What they like/don't like. Their hopes, dreams, fears and goals. Their values and what they stand for and believe in. And so much better than a paragraph.
  5. You get "notifications" when someone ❤️or comments on your li.st, instead of winks or swipes or whatever they do (I really have no idea!)
    But, it's because you're funny or smart or just throwing it all out there!
  6. Which means you're more likely to be interested in someone because of who they are, not what they look like.
    (Because, seriously, most of our profile pics..)😂
  7. And it's unlikely anyone here is just out to get laid.
    I'm assuming.
  8. We're probably here because we want to be, not because we got drunk and our bestie decided we should join up.
    Or your Aunt Betty made you feel bad for being single😳
  9. You get to see their interaction with other people.
    It's like watching how someone treats their friends~INVALUABLE.
  10. Instead of "chatting/texting online" you can LR someone if you want more information!
    And more specifics! Yeah, they could embellish, or even lie, but we live in a world with all kinds, right?
  11. You don't have to "meet for coffee/drink" to see how it goes.
    You can just chat. (And DIRECT MESSAGE!) Maybe the folks at HQ knew what they were doing! @Nicholas?!
  12. Or get all dressed up and pay for your half of dinner at The Outback.
    Instead, you throw on some yoga pants, pour some wine and start stalking those old li.sts😬
  13. Instead of dragging your sister with you to meet ______, you arrange a li.st meetup!!
    And make other new friends while you're at it!
  14. Maybe there's a few of you out there who did some "conscious coupling" through li.st?!
    👀Inquiring minds want to know👀
  15. An @list wedding🎉🎉🎉how fun would that be?!
    @bjnovak would want an invite😜😜😜and all those other dudes❤️
  16. *I'm editing to share this li.st from @sswyryt that I just found, 'cause it's hilarious!