A LR from @angela3950
  1. Okay, so this story is O.L.D.
    Like 1994 old. I hold grudges.
  2. I was a young mother of three.
    I got married at 22, three kids by age 30.
  3. I went to denominational schools from age 13 through college graduation.
    Seventh-Day Adventist.
  4. Which means NO DRINKING.
    And I really didn't, until my senior year, when I was 21. (I spent most of my senior year in party mode, making up for lost time!)
  5. But truthfully, other than social occasions, I didn't drink much while I was raising young children.
    A glass of wine now and then was about it. (That changed when they were teenagers! As did my relationship with the church~a different li.st entirely)😱
  6. Sooooo, my (still) friend's husband was turning 40.
    I was in need of some socialization that didn't involve toddlers and such..
  7. Let's just say that, this..
  8. Plus this..
  9. And a "floater" of this..
  10. Equals this..
  11. And a whole lot of this..
  12. In the car. In the bathtub. I was sick for nearly a week.
    And I was at the party less than two hours, so I've been told.
  13. So, I can drink a margarita with REALLY GOOD tequila..never straight and never the cheap stuff.
  14. Because..
  15. Aren't you glad you asked?! 😁