Hey, CBS News, don't be ridiculous.
  1. As if it's not hard enough to get my patients to floss..THIS happened.
    Are you serious?!
  2. FACT. Your toothbrush only removes HALF the plaque on your teeth.
    You can brush all day long and you cannot remove the plaque in between your teeth.
  3. FACT. Flossing (or picking) gets the other half.
    There is no way around this.
  4. FACT. Gum disease is linked to heart disease.
  5. FACT. Don't floss for six months then go in for your cleaning. Then, floss everyday and go back in six months and tell me it made no difference.
    You can't. (I realize there are people who don't build up plaque, like genetically. You're a freak of nature)😳
  6. Even better, DO THIS..
  7. Floss your teeth after your next meal.
  8. See all that crap that came out?!
  9. Now..
  10. Smell it.
  11. THAT IS ALL.