Inspired by @bjnovak and lots of peeps, and adapted 'cause I'm always a step behind.
  1. Slept in until nearly 7am, because SUNDAY.
    Stayed up late watching this and still not sure how I feel about it😳
  2. Was actually awakened by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
    Our friend brought beans from this Bay Area roaster and we sat around and enjoyed its goodness.
  3. Toasted some bagels to go with our coffee.
    Our overnight guest was super stoked about my fancy cream cheese and my milk frother. As he should be.
  4. Decided to take him to our (my BF's) chef's farm stand.
    Bought some things I can't grow in my own garden. Are you listening SHISHITO PEPPERS, I'm talking to YOU.
  5. Stopped by the shop and grabbed some wine for dinner.
    Feeling lucky to have a BF who owns said shop💕
  6. Fiddled in my own garden a bit, did a little housework..
    Nothing too exciting.
  7. Our Saturday guest left for home and our other pals with a brand new baby made their first real outing to come up for the afternoon.
    This is Savannah. She's three weeks old today!
  8. Sat on the deck with magazines and bubbles while baby was insatiably hungry!!
    I'm long removed from babies and their ravenous ways.
  9. Decided the four of us should take a short drive to our friends' parents new home.
    They have a pool and I'm very excited about this. Both sets of parents were there helping unpack. Everyone is stressed. New babies and moving will do that.
  10. Came back to our place~invited another couple over for drinks who wanted to see Savannah.
    Sat outside and enjoyed the cooler weather and the threat of Autumn🍁🍂
  11. Made a yummy meal of grilled Tri Tip (marinated all day) roasted baby potatoes, aforementioned shishitos and caprese salad.
    SO MANY tomatoes. (Working on my food styling photos!)
  12. Came inside and nibbled on some lemon poppyseed bread and finished up the bottle of red before it was time for baby to wake up again!
    Babies are needy.
  13. The minute they left, we crawled into bed.
    Lots of company this weekend and more socializing to come!
  14. Watched a little of this..
    It's not as good this year, but Vinny from Jersey Shore is part of the competition, and he's entertaining.
  15. Read through some li.sts before I nodded off.
    He was asleep when he hit the pillow.
  16. Not a bad day💗