"Young at heart, slightly older in other places" Unknown.
  1. You used to pinch an inch but now it's more like a handful.
    When did this happen?
  2. You have to have things "burned off".
    My dermatologist, because apparently he thinks he's funny, likes to call them barnacles. We don't have the same sense of humor.
  3. Men look at your daughter (s) instead of you.
    Weird phenomenon.
  4. You wake up with that weird crease in the back of your hair when you get out of bed in the morning .
    What the hell is that??
  5. Mammograms (and colonoscopies).
    Torturous. I've yet to be "scoped" but it's coming soon and it sounds horrific.
  6. Your metabolism slloowwwwweed down a tad.
    What metabolism?
  7. Your eyelids start to sag.
  8. Other things start to sag.
  9. You care less.
    About what people say, about unnecessary drama, about their bullshit.
  10. You care more.
    I feel more compassionate than I did in my youth.
  11. You want less.
    Stuff. Cluttering up your space, both literally and figuratively.
  12. You want more.
    Empathy, kindness and understanding💗