Inspired by @Boogie
  1. She's drinking beer instead of wine or whiskey instead of vodka.
  2. She's making a Drake playlist on Spotify.
  3. She's eating Oreos.
  4. She's driving without yelling at anyone.
  5. She's watching Game of Thrones.
  6. She's eating a sandwich instead of a burrito.
  7. She owns a dog.
  8. She's craving deviled eggs.
  9. She hates Modern Family reruns.
  10. She never wants to cuddle.
  11. She cuts her hair short.
  12. She would rather watch tv than read a book.
  13. She is not attracted to Idris Elba.
  14. She likes golf.
  15. She doesn't pay her bills on time.
  16. She'd rather eat fast food than cook you dinner.
  17. She isn't sarcastic.
  18. She is tolerant of your stupidity.