Requested by @veshecco
Ok, @veshecco, I'll play too 💗
  1. Things you always have in your house include fresh flowers, fresh farm eggs, champagne, and multiple types of cheese.
  2. You would rather eat cheese than chocolate or chips and salsa over just about anything.
  3. You would always choose music over television.
  4. Your adult children are your favorite people.
  5. Journaling is your life saver.
  6. You are outspoken and opinionated (but open minded and empathetic).
  7. You dream about Anthony Bourdain's job.
  8. You're trying to age gracefully but that's not going so well.
  9. People tell you things, because you genuinely care and you listen.
  10. Your brain thinks you're 30 but your mirror says otherwise.
  11. You have a green thumb.
  12. You're not afraid of death.
  13. You've lost a lot of people you so many😥
  14. You wish your ex wasn't such an asshole because it would be nice to have him to cry with.
  15. You sometimes think you can't do it but you know you will.
  16. You self-loathe sometimes because you're angry about things and turn it inward.
  17. You only hold a grudge if there's no resolution.
  18. You have to work at being flexible, because it does not come naturally.
  19. Your girlfriends are a huge part of your life.
  20. You're an aggressive driver.
  21. You don't talk about politics, not because you don't care, but because it's too much, and you are already angry enough.
  22. Your biggest fears are more loss and being bitter.
  23. Anxiety is a common occurrence.
  24. You're never bored because there are always things to read.
  25. Cats are your thing.
  26. You're a clean freak.
  27. Aside from the people you love, traveling makes you happier than just about anything.
  28. You agree that being a mom (parent) is equally the greatest/hardest thing you'll ever do.
  29. Most of your clothes are solid black and you think yoga pants are fine to go out in, as long as you wear boots and a cute sweater with them.
  30. You used to be in really great shape but now you're kinda squishy.
  31. You're a good cook, but your own worst critic.
  32. You only love one way, all in.
  33. You believe that love conquers all.
  34. You strongly believe the words, say what you mean and mean what you say.