1. The Real World
    I got into it last season, with the twist being that people from their past would show up and there would be some sort of conflict. This season, not so great (I'm having a hard time pretending Jenna isn't there), but it's in Vegas, so I'm waiting to spy my friend who knew some of the production guys.
  2. Lucifer
    Is it that great? No. Is it really even good? Probably not. But for some reason I cannot stop watching. At least I don't watch live, that'd be super desperate.
  3. Who Do You Think You Are?
    I enjoy the storytelling and the historical background. I usually only know a handful of the stars who delve into their family tree, but I do find it funny that sometimes their ancestry is fairly ordinary and then they try to punch it up and make it out to be more extraordinary.
  4. Baby Daddy
    The only reason I watch this show is because of the gorgeous man who plays Danny Wheeler. The show's in its fifth season (I think?), and I love how many opportunities the "live crowd" gets to scream at a shirtless Danny.
  5. Bachelor in Paradise
    Arguably the worst of the current Bachelor franchise lineup. The only saving grace is Jorge the bartender; give that man a show.