Campfire required.
  1. Classic
    Honey maid cracker, Hershey's chocolate, Kraft jet puffed marshmallow. Tip for all s'more making: place the cracker square with chocolate near the fire as you roast the marshmallow...this allows for some pre-melting. Nothing's worse than cold chocolate when you bite into a s'more.
  2. Cookie
    Substitute any cookie for the graham cracker. Some good ones: chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia (with white chocolate chocolate?!), chocolate cookie with cherries, peanut butter....I could go on.
  3. Super classy
    Expensive dark chocolate, whole foods graham crackers, marshmallows from dean and deluca. Enjoy with Moët champagne.
  4. Bacon
    Add a slice of bacon on top of that chocolate! and/or some potato chips?
  5. Salted Carmel
    Couple options here...use fancy dark chocolate salted Carmel chocolate in lieu of Hershey and/or smear some Carmel and sprinkle some salt on the graham without the chocolate.
  6. Peanut butter
    Smear of peanut butter on the graham without the chocolate...consider adding some jam too to make a pb&j version and/or use dark chocolate.
  7. White chocolate and raspberry
    White chocolate instead of regular and raspberry jam on the other cracker. Alternative -- add coconut slivers or coconut marshmallow...
  8. Homemade
    Self evident - make all the ingredients yourself!
  9. Vegan
    Again, pretty obvious. Find vegan versions/recipes and go to town.
  10. Unlimited options
    Use different flavor graham cracker, flavored marshmallow and any of the million types of chocolate bars.