Requested by @offmandh
A delicious, easy (string!) summer drink...
  1. Ingredients: Gather equal amounts of the following: bourbon, OJ, lemonade and black tea
    Depending on how classy you want the drink will be reflected in your ingredients. You can obviously get cheap booze, store bought OJ and lemonade ect. However, it's tastier with good bourbon, freshly brewed tea and good quality OJ and lemonade. Calorie conscious people can sub low sugar OJ and calorie free lemonade.
  2. Mix: In a freezer safe container (or a few, depending on the size of the batch) Mix liquids together: 1/4 part of each. I tend to buy a bottle of bourbon and then just measure that out with the other three ingredients.
    After mixing, taste and add ingredients as you feel necessary (or depending if you want the drink to be stronger/weaker).
  3. Freeze: Place containers (I recommend multi gallon Tupperware with tops to keep the liquid safely in the container) in freezer - freeze at least overnight (until frozen).
    The booze keeps it from fully freezing, you should be able to scrape it with a spoon ( like granita). Serve in cups with spoons, the mixture will melt into a delicious slushy.
  4. Serve, drink, enjoy!! Beware...It's delicious, addictive and strong. :)
  5. Note: while bourbon slush is a classic, you can use this technique with other combos (tequila and lemonade or margarita mix for pre-made margaritas at all times, rum, mint and limeade for a frozen mojito ect).