How did I ever live without these things?
  1. A reconditioned 100-year-old straight razor from Sheffield England
    No more $5 (each) Gillette razor refills.
  2. Grip6 belts
    Bought a black one with silver buckle and a tan one with gunmetal buckle. Love 'em and wear one every day. Grip6.com
  3. Vans shoes
    Simple, tough, and stylish...enough.
  4. Guide pants
    Eddie Bauer's guide pants are an everyday staple. I have one or two of every color. The shorts, too. Stretchy, lightweight, breathable and water-repelling, and with hidden cargo pockets... what more can you want?
  5. Allett's super-slim wallets
  6. Gorilla-brand duct tape
  7. Loafer socks
  8. Trolli Gummy Eggs
  9. A solar-powered battery pack for charging cell phones, that can also jump-start your car!
  10. Evil Twin beer