I've been on this app for almost two months now and all I have to show for it is one little list about music.
  1. Here are some things to know about me:
  2. I'm currently surviving high school (holding out for summer)
    I love my school. Seriously. It's a college prep charter school and I only go to actual classes 2 days a week, and then I do independent study and take college classes on my off days. It's such a creative, free-spirited school.
  3. I've lived in Southern California all my life.
    SD baby
  4. I'm an aspiring actress.
    I've done some ~featured~ extra work for TV shows but I want lines! Frustrating when the leads can't get them right, and I'm in the background having already memorized everything they need to say.
  5. I love to write.
    Ever since I was little, I've filled journals upon journals with lists and short stories and diary entries and memories and anger and happiness. Want to write a tv show to star in a la @mindy
  6. I eat beans and veggies like they're going out of style.
    My favs: chickpeas, kidney beans, cauliflower, spinach, and zucchini. #vegetarianlyfe
  7. I'm fluent in Spanish
    I love learning languages. Been learning Spanish since I was 7 and am now picking up French.
  8. I'm quiet, which often works in my favor.
    I learn all the hot gossip because people don't really notice me a lot. I have dirt on everyone. Even when I was a baby, my mom says I would just sit back and watch the other babies while they played. Still love to people watch.
  9. I spend so much time with my family
    I love them so much! We've been travelers since I was little and we've spent probably hundreds of hours stuck in planes and cars together.
  10. I make so much art.
    Oil painting is my fav medium, but I'm also a sucker for water colors and pencil sketches.
  11. I've had braces for over half of my life.
    Got them when I was seven and a half and now I'm almost sixteen. Three rounds because my jaw is messed up 👍🏻
  12. There's so much more I could write but it's time for homework. Adios amigos.
  13. I'll add this cuz I feel cute.