Movies I Watch Every Year

Bc this I love this list idea! Most of these movies would also belong in a list of my favorite ones!
  1. Clueless
    Been watching this at least 3 times a year since I was 7! Such a feel good movie, I watch it whenever I'm home sick or feel sad. Really fun fashion too! Tried to get everyone at my 10th bday sleepover to watch it with me and they got bored lol.
  2. Little Miss Sunshine
    I love this movie to death! Love all of the actors (Michael G Scott, baby!) and the writing and the scenery and everything about it! Been watching it every year since it came out on DVD! Great road trip movie obviously.
  3. August Rush
    Okay I love musicals so much, and I'm not sure if this is technically one, but it's definitely my favorite movie ever. Every year since I was 7 I have known all the song lyrics and lines! Also, love Kerri Russel and Robin Williams' performance is great!
  4. We Bought a Zoo
    This movie is so adorable!!! I'll watch anything with Elle Fanning, Scarlett Johansson, or Matt Damon! Love how it's based on a true story! Tried to read the book, but I actually preferred the movie.
  5. Mamma Mia
    Another musical! Beautiful location and such a fun story. I definitely sing along the whole time.
  6. Legally Blonde
    First of all, Reese is adorable. Second, my little natural blonde self loved this movie bc elementary schoolers love to make dumb blonde jokes!
  7. Super 8
    Elle Fanning again lol, she is one of my acting inspirations! But this movie is so clever and is one of my favorites! Love the cinematography and writing and design!
  8. Christmas Vacation
    We watch this every Christmas and know all of the jokes by heart but still are very entertained. Best cast of Griswolds in my opinion, the kids in European and Vegas are a lil annoying.
  9. Elf!
    Every single December! It's a new classic.
  10. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon and live action)
    It's a must.
  11. SNL Christmas Special
    Not a movie, but it deserved to be on here bc we watch it religiously (even though we're not religious all these Christmas things beg to differ lol). We love all the old sketches (Schweaty balls, the John Malkovich one, etc) and the newer ones (like the soup with Timberlake and the Michael Buble album ones). And the Chanukah song with Adam Sandler. And Gilly! It's too good.