My Driver's Test 🚗🚗🚗

Went down to the DMV yesterday to take my driver's license test since I'm 16 and that's something you should do? when did I become so old? btw this was very stressful for me, partly bc I had to overcome extreme driving anxiety.
  1. 6:00 am
    I woke up and felt a lil nervous. My jaw hurt, presumably from clenching it during the night.
  2. 6:25
    Eating breakfast but I was too nervous so I got full after a couple bites of toast. Yikes.
  3. 6:40
    Putting on makeup, blasting music, and making silly faces at myself in the mirror. I do this before every big event in my life. I swear it help relieve stress.
  4. 7:00 am
    Out the door. My appointment's not until 8, but I want to warm up a little so I'm not super nervous for my test. Dad courageously seats in the passenger seat.
  5. 7:30 am
    Return home and make sure I have all of my papers (of course I do bc I checked like a billion times). Grab Carson (lil brother) bc Mom's already on route to work and he starts school at 9, so he gets to wait at the DMV. Super fun for him!
  6. 7:50 am
    I arrive at the DMV and Dad was critiquing my driving a bunch on the way over. I know he was trying to be helpful but come on, dude! I'm beyond stressed rn.
  7. 8:00 am
    Checking in with the lady at window b, she's very friendly and has a cute lil southern accent. Checks all my papers and then wishes me good luck! As my friend K would say, I was "pitting out" by this point.
  8. 8:05 am
    My test administrator, Ashely, is really nice too (I had really good luck with all of the DMV employees!). First we go over the pre-drive checklist. I miss only one point here for not knowing the hand signal for stop. Lol good thing for break lights!
  9. 8:08 am
    I'm driving out of the parking lot and luckily she let me keep the radio on low. Also lucky for me was the fact that it was Monday, which means my fav radio station does a whole commercial free day. Endless alt-rock. Some of my favorite driving artists come on like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Cage the Elephant.
  10. 8:12 am
    Showing my parallel parking skills, but I get too nervous and back out far from the curb (I don't even know how I did this). Luckily I get another shot and nail it.
  11. 8:19 am
    Pulling back into the DMV lot, and I'm really nervous bc she's given me no signs that I've passed or failed.
  12. 8:20 am
    Going over my score sheet, she tells me I drive too slow a lot of the time (oops I'm actually like 90 yrs old) and that I need to always remember to stop behind the line at stop signs bc sometimes I go a tiny bit over. Other than that, I passed! You can make 15 total errors and I made 10, which is pretty good for my circumstances!
  13. 8:25 am
    Getting my temporary license from the same lady at the desk, and she congratulates me. I'm so happy rn!
  14. 8:30 am
    Dad's taking my picture to send to mom and the gparents and I'm seriously smiling so big.
  15. I'm so much more confident in my driving than I was 6 months ago when I got my permit, and even way more confident than a little over 1 month ago, when I actually started driving.
    I would worry too much about driving, and shut down when my parents asked if I wanted to practice. Then they would get frustrated and raise their voice, which would result in tears and tears and tears.
  16. I'm so proud of myself for how far I've come, and even though most people on this app probably already have their licenses, I just wanted to tell anyone who doesn't, that even though it may seem horrifying and difficult, driving really isn't as bad as your brain tells you it is!
    Practice practice practice! Just like anything else in life lol. If I can learn how to drive in SoCal traffic, you can drive too!
  17. 💓💓💓