Today's hike☁🌳

Today I went to one of my favorite trails with my gparents, mom, and brother. Such great hiking weather this morning!
  1. This is Torrey Pines btw if you're ever in SD county!
  2. I only took my hair down for this picture bc my bun wasn't too cute
  3. Look. At. These. Colors.
  4. Thank goodness these railings were here bc I was a little freaked out on this cliff.
  5. The dreaded sun peeking through.
    I know everyone not in SoCal is probably cursing me for not appreciating the sun. But it's so annoying sometimes 😑
  6. Going back up the hill
  7. There were a lot of people out enjoying the holiday but luckily our trail wasn't too crowded!
  8. I had to take quite a few breaks
    This is because of my problematic heart (and the steep hill!) but I got a lot of photos out of it!
  9. All of the different plants just growing in the sand amazes me.
    How? Why are there cacti at the beach?
  10. Look at this! No special filters!
    These golden cliffs are trademark California and so gorgeous!
  11. I love nature.
    That is all, have a nice day!