The "characters" in every office you've ever worked at.
  1. The motherly type lady. Also known as the "cook/chef/baker".
    Always brings homemade cookies. Hand hygiene optional.
  2. The loudmouth crank face.
    Not always with the mouth but also gestures and facial expressions. Always has something they're upset about.
  3. Super friendly fake ass.
    Loves getting up in everyone's personal business and has something to input.
  4. Last word person.
    Knows everything about everything and tries to one up every convo
  5. The blob
    Has no real body shape. If you had to describe them to the cops, it would be a tough one.
  6. That psycho guy who is gonna kill everyone one day.
    Loner, stoner, total creep around the ladies, listens to death metal on the loudest volume on headphones even your own headphones won't block it out.
  7. Slacker Jim-Halpert type.
    Spends time trolling Twitter and makes lists. Looks into a pretend camera during awkward times.
  8. Pushy fitness person
    Drinks powder for every meal, never participates in potlucks because it's not "clean," tells everyone what's wrong with their meal plan/caloric intake/form/gym etc.
  9. Shapeshifter
    Takes on the appearance and personality of whoever is closest to them
  10. Crazy cubicle person
    Basically moves into their cubicle there's nothing going on with them outside of work.
  11. The toucher
    Loves to touch and grab others belongings and people. Everything is an arm punch or high five.
  12. The pseudo quitter
    Always says they're quitting but they never take a day off.