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But they are not out on DVD or streaming. Anyone else have some lost classics?
  1. Homefront
    The holy grail of unavailable tv shows. Young Kyle Chandler was so adorable!
  2. Boston Public
    I love school shows!
  3. The Tortellis
    Loved this show!
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Inspired by @katscribefever.
  1. Been drunk, high, whatever
    Although I've had moments where I've laughed so hard and gotten so silly that people probably think I am.
  2. Had even one puff, toke, of anything
    Having a father and grandfather who died very young of heart attacks, and being a control freak helped with these.
  3. Driven faster than probably 75 MPH
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  1. Went to dinner with family, Chinese food
    With 11 family members, one group of which does celebrate Christmas so the had to get out quickly to go to church.
  2. Sat around saying, "what do you want to do" "I don't know, what do you want to do"
    On and on
  3. Looked for the remote.
    For much longer than should have been necessary. It was under a piece of paper on the couch.
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Sometimes you need a good cry! Plus, I wanted to try one of these kind of lists.
  1. The Color Purple
    Oh man, this one gets me so many times!
  2. The Joy Luck Club
    Mothers and daughters, so great.
  3. Awakenings
    This is my go-to cry movie. When the Older doctor and robin Williams are watching the film and discussing what the patients are thinking ("nothing" "how do you know" "because the alternative is unthinkable"). Wow!
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  1. Lost
  2. Star Wars VII
  3. Star Trek reboot
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Went to see it this morning, husband daughter #2 and I decided this is what we are going to say about it
  1. It was great
  2. Go see iy
  3. You'll love it
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Best according to my students. Worst professionally.
  1. Final exam too easy (class averages 95, 91, 86, 80, and the class that's taking it right now should be high too)
    Although I don't hear too many complaints.
  2. Built-in 5 extra credit questions due to my mathematical laziness
    This is definitely affecting item #1
  3. Plus I walk around suggesting answers they might want to rethink.
    Again, no complaints.
  4. Then I pick a lucky borderline grade kid who needs 1 or 2 points and who has no missing assignments and I have them clean up and organize the tests for the point.
    No favoritism here, just going off the points.
  1. X-Files - recommended by my Sci-Fi club members
    Just a really big commitment. And I usually prefer science fiction over supernatural stuff. But we did watch the first episode in club a few weeks ago and it wasn't bad
  2. How I Met Your Mother -recommended by my kids
    I've seen bits and pieces and never laughed. I like a lot of the individual actors but I've really never felt a need to watch.
  3. The Goldbergs - recommended by my brother and a co-worker.
    I actually watched the first 2-3 episodes but didn't get into it.
  4. Breaking Bad - recommended by everyone
    I just don't like drug stuff or violence, so probably not my show.
  1. Scrappy Doo
  2. Cousin Oliver on Brady Bunch
    Ruined It
  3. Olivia on the Cosby Show
    Hated her even worse than Pam
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Went to a party last night, then had to work at night, so I didn't get to the list yeaterday
  1. Sixth night - the girls each got $6, and we opened our Family gift - snuggly pajamas for each of us
  2. 7th night:
  3. Me - more coffee pods, a flavored coffee assortment this tome
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