I'm just going to discuss the canines in my life, not humans
  1. Nanook
    Ate the furniture and a husky just isn't suited to living in south Florida.
  2. Killer
    Puppy, died of diarrhea.
  3. Bobo
    An amazing Shih Tzu. The best, did amazing tricks. Unfortunately, he was killed by coyotes right in the back yard.
  4. Annie/Candy/Tycho
    My first dog as an adult. A yorkie, she had been saved by a beagle rescue foundation, but she was peeing on the foster family's own elderly pet so she was given to my mom. She was a bully to my mom's dog, so she moved on to me at the age of 5. We loved her for 10 amazing years but she deteriorated greatly at the end. I'm crying right now remembering this adorable friend who barely got to meet my kids.
  5. Murphy/Jander
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    Adopted from the Dumb Friends League, Jandet has been with us for 10 years. He's 12 now, so getting on a bit, but still active. The pic is him sleeping on my lap right now.