Inspired by @quixotic.
  1. Been drunk, high, whatever
    Although I've had moments where I've laughed so hard and gotten so silly that people probably think I am.
  2. Had even one puff, toke, of anything
    Having a father and grandfather who died very young of heart attacks, and being a control freak helped with these.
  3. Driven faster than probably 75 MPH
  4. Traveled to Asia, Africa, or Australia
    But I'd love to!!
  5. Read the Narnia books
  6. Seen a Rambo or Rocky movie
    Sorry Sylvester Stallone
  7. Been to a New Years Eve party
    It could be the revulsion to drunk people, or my introverted nature
  8. Been in a physical fighy
  9. Held a gun
    And I even dated a cop for a while.
  10. Had braces
    Although in my old age, my teeth are changing and I'd like to get them.
  11. Understood how anyone can find Benedict Cumberbatch attractive.
    Sorry dude.
  12. Gone to a student's funeral
    But as a high school teacher, I know it is a matter of time. Whenever the principal calls for a stand-up meeting that same day, all of us teachers are practically in tears until the meeting. And we all breathe a sigh of relief when we don't get an urgent email over Prom weekend.