I'm a high school teacher and I have 2 high school aged kids, so there's probably been way more than I can remember now!
  1. Bae
    No matter how many times someone tries to tell me it means Before Anyone Else, I still think it's just a shortening of "babe"
  2. Salt / salty
    A beloved student was constantly asking why I am so salt. I told him it seemed like that wasn't a nice thing and he'd better cut it out. Then I immediately checked Urban Dictionary to see that it was indeed not nice. He spent some time in the hall. Thus proving my saltiness, I guess.
  3. Netflix and chill
    Not sure where I heard this. My daughter and her boyfriend are watching Netflix right now, but there will be no chill under my roof.
  4. Bye Felicia
    I actually think I saw this on social media. I was so proud to look it up and have it in my arsenal ready to prove how hip I am. However every time I have tried to use it, no one has any idea what I am referencing.
  5. Thirsty
    My daughter's friends are so thirsty. I just couldn't understand it since they all carry around water bottles all the time. Urban dictionary saved me from a very idiotic suggestion.
  6. Sick
    I'm such a sick teacher. All the kids say so.