Second night is always kinda crappy
  1. Me - school shirt from my department chair (okay, it's a Catholic school and she got one for everyone, but I'm going to count it as a Hanukkah present since I got it today.)
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  2. Me - intermediate Spanish reader book I might use in class and that I bought for myself at a used book store
    Now you see why I was so eager to count the shirt!
  3. Husband - book from the used book store that he bought for himself
    Man, we are pathetic.
  4. Daughter #1 - $2 and a shirt from her paternal grandma that doesn't fit
  5. Daughter #2 - $2 and a see-through dress from her grandma that has a cami that she can stretch so it almost covers her under the dress.
  6. Dog - got locked in his crate in the basememt all day because the cleaning girls were coming.
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  7. Wow, the dog needs a bath. Maybe that will be his present for tomorrow.