Shows I stopped watching but plan to come back to

Don't judge me!
  1. Once Upon a Time
    After Emma went down under (no offense Australia) I kinda lost track. Reason I'm going back: Hook is too legit (read: fine as hell) to quit
  2. House of Cards
    It was a little too much when Frank became president. I gotta be honest, I was experiencing too many emotions between feeling loyal and wanting him to die a fiery death. Reason I'm going back: curiosity and a love for Claire's closet (seriously, everything she wears is 👌)
  3. New Girl
    Honestly there's no real reason here, just kinda lost interest after Megan Fox moved in. Reason I'm going back: someone said this season was funny. God I'm easy to sway.
  4. Breaking Bad
    I GOT SCARED. I don't think anyone can blame me, this show isn't a walk in the park & I was starting to feel panicky every time I turned it on so I stopped... Reason I'm going back: there are several but it boils down to me wanting to know what all the hype is about. And wanting to know what the hell happens. So stop judging me for now watching!!