Tbh I had no idea how to react to any of these
  1. "Your mom would want you to get back out there & find what you love to do"
    very sad...& not strange in normal circumstances but this was a driver telling a passenger in a lyft line. He probably didn't know her last name but who know, maybe she really needed to hear that advice. Not judging, just think it's a weirdly deep convo to have in a lyft
  2. "Here's my card, my family used to run a cocaine business."
    what? We were def not talking about drugs
  3. "Here's my card, I'm DJ Corleone"
    DJ Godfather?? I'm honored
  4. "Do you like books?" I said yes. He hands me a mini bible as I'm getting out
  5. whispers "Stanley Steemer"
    we saw a Stanley Steemer van and he whispered it in a super sketch way. Then he interrupted our conversation by asking our opinion on the worlds biggest burger