1. Kindergarten: teacher (bc my teacher was my favorite person ever. Oh Mrs. Carpenter...)
  2. 2nd grade: piano player (I thought I was so good. I really wasn't.)
  3. 4th grade: cheerleader (I thought it would be an easy job. Jumping and yelling. Well, hand eye coordination? Terrible.)
  4. 5th grade: singer. (Again, I thought I was really good. Still, not bad.)
  5. 6th grade: actress. (Joined an improv class, it was the best! Should've stuck with it. Who knows where I be right now?)
  6. 9th grade: teacher (I don't know why but I went back to that silly idea for myself. I would be a terrible teacher.)
  7. 11th grade: the army (bc I didn't know what I wanted to do. Btw, not a good reason to join.)
  8. 12th grade: Entertainment world (not a specific role but I knew that's what I wanted be a part of.)
  9. Now: still the same. Phase 1 of achieving complete.