Christian college meets the south meets the city.
  1. Chacos
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    You flock to those with similar footwear...
  2. Birkenstocks
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    And you must choose which side you are on. Chacos or Birks.
  3. Band Shirts
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    We get it. Your parents raised you on the classics.
  4. Norts
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    Because college.
  5. Letter Shirts
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    So you don't have to guess if that person is Greek (or your sister).
  6. Leather Jackets
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    Because every guy has that leather jacket through college.
  7. Jean Jackets
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    Because you feel like fake leather isn't cool and you are too broke for a real leather jacket. Plus, you think matching denim is okay.
  8. Character Shoes
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    Because is she didn't have 4 pairs in high school... She has at least 1 pair now.
  9. Man Bun
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    Although they are more often of the clean shaven type.
  10. (Wo)Man Bun
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    The female version of the man bun.
  11. Felt/Wool Hats
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    I feel like more people wore these when it was warmer out.
  12. Vineyard Vines
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    This is a deeply southern thing.
  13. Pearl Earrings
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    Often worn with red lipstick.
  14. Fratty Vests
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    10 extra point if it is vineyards vines. 20 extra points if worn with shorts. 30 extra points if you are in a frat.
  15. Vineyard Vines T- shirts
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    Seriously since when are there name brand screen printed shirts. It's not even a cool design.
  16. Lilly Pulitzer
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    This is not a drill. This is a thing.