Christian college meets the south meets the city.
  1. Chacos
    You flock to those with similar footwear...
  2. Birkenstocks
    And you must choose which side you are on. Chacos or Birks.
  3. Band Shirts
    We get it. Your parents raised you on the classics.
  4. Norts
    Because college.
  5. Letter Shirts
    So you don't have to guess if that person is Greek (or your sister).
  6. Leather Jackets
    Because every guy has that leather jacket through college.
  7. Jean Jackets
    Because you feel like fake leather isn't cool and you are too broke for a real leather jacket. Plus, you think matching denim is okay.
  8. Character Shoes
    Because is she didn't have 4 pairs in high school... She has at least 1 pair now.
  9. Man Bun
    Although they are more often of the clean shaven type.
  10. (Wo)Man Bun
    The female version of the man bun.
  11. Felt/Wool Hats
    I feel like more people wore these when it was warmer out.
  12. Vineyard Vines
    This is a deeply southern thing.
  13. Pearl Earrings
    Often worn with red lipstick.
  14. Fratty Vests
    10 extra point if it is vineyards vines. 20 extra points if worn with shorts. 30 extra points if you are in a frat.
  15. Vineyard Vines T- shirts
    Seriously since when are there name brand screen printed shirts. It's not even a cool design.
  16. Lilly Pulitzer
    This is not a drill. This is a thing.